Haringey Borough football fans have been treated to many memorable spectacles over the years. We have gathered a timeline of their most notable wins as well as a shortlist of their most memorable moments in football history.

As “Haringey Borough”

  • Essex Senior Football League – 2014/15 Champions
  • Spartan South Midlands League – 2007/08 1st Division Cup Winners
  • London Senior Cup – 1990/91 Winners

As “Wood Green Town”

  • London Junior Cup – 1907/08 1st Runners-up
  • Middlesex Senior League – 1940/41 Champions

As “Edmonton”

  • London Junior Cup – 1887/88 1st Runners-up
  • Athenian League – 1967/68 and 1968/69 2n Division Cup Winners
  • Delphian League – 1962/63 Champions

As “Tufnell Park”

  • FA Amateur Cup – 1919/20 Runners-up
  • Middlesex Charity Cup – 1943/44 Winners
  • Athenian League – 1913/14 Champions
  • London Senior Cup – 1912/13 and 1923/24 Winners

Memorable Moments

  • 2017: Haringey Borough Women wins Eastern Region Women’s League Championship, earning them a promotion to the FA Women’s Premier League. They also won the Women’s League Cup.
  • 2017: Haringey Borough FC placed 5th in the 1st North Ryman Division & reached the London Senior Cup semis.
  • 2016: Haringey Borough placed in the 1st North Ryman Isthmian League Division with 50 points after gaining only 7 throughout the season warm up.
  • 2015: Haringey Borough FC were declared Essex Senior League champions, earning them a promotion to the 4th step and 1st North Division of the Isthmian (Ryman) League.
  • 2013: The FA opted to move Haringey Borough FC to the Essex Senior League, a sideways move.
  • 1999: The Haringey Borough Women’s Team was formed, as a part of the Eastern Region Women’s League. In the 2002/03 season, they got into the Premier Division.
  • 1989: The Spartan League admits Haringey Borough FC into their Premier Division
  • 1984: Haringey Borough FC were admitted into Isthmian League when the Athenian League was disbanded.

Haringey Borough football clubs continue to keep an eye on their favourite team, confident that they will continue to rake in the honours.