One of the most fun parts about enjoying a game of football is betting on the game and strategically supporting your favourite team. The Haringey Borough Football club has provided plenty of entertainment to its fans over the years, but more than that, it has provided some interesting betting odds and nail-biting finish for avid gamers and supporters the world over.

Some Recent Stats

  • Out of the last ten games that they have played in, they have scored over 1.5 goals in 9 of them
  • Out of their last ten matches, Haringey Borough have only conceded a single goal

A Betting Strategy to Try: Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap method of betting is hugely popular in the Far East from whence its name derives. This method is handy for beginners because it has the potential to carry slightly less risk than the standard 1×2, or fixed odds, bet.

  • As a gamer, you will choose which team you predict will overcome a set handicap (in terms of goals scored in the first half or at full time). With this betting option, the only variation available to you is either the home team or the away team (the set handicap must be overcome by the chosen team).
  • As there are only 2 options available, the draw bet is not an option, meaning that there is statistically less of an advantage to the house.
  • The bigger the difference between the ability of the opposing team, the higher the goal range should be and thus, the higher the handicap would be. As this theoretically gives the underdog a leg up, odds on the favourite are different to your standard fixed odds bets.

No matter what strategy you decide to use, or which betting table you place your wagers on, there’s no denying that Haringey brings the excitement to the fans and gamblers.