It is widely known that professional football is arguably the most internationally enjoyed sport of all time. The game is watched by billions of fans, and the amount of cash spent on game tickets, merchandise, and betting on the same is in the trillions of dollars annually. It’s not just during game time either – fans will re-watch the game, tune into the highlights, and discuss the autopsy of the match on TV, on the radio and online before, during and after the game.

Picking Teams

Many fans have at least 2 teams which they follow at the same time. The primary team would be the professional football club with which they want to be associated with for whatever reason (such as the area they live in, their friends, their favourite players, for example). Then comes their second team, which generally is tied to their ancestry or country of origin or their parents/ancestors’ country of birth. Depending on what one may perceive the outcome of their teams’ matches to be, fans may bet more on one team than another – it differs from fan to fan.

The criteria that fans use to choose their favourite team differs from fan to fan. In some cases, fans support the team of the neighbourhood they grew up in, while others support the team of the area they presently reside in. Some inherit fandom from their parents, while others develop support for a team by observing their performance over time. Sports is a part of life that garners illogical enthusiasm – it is hard to quantify the reasoning behind a game that so many fans pour their hearts and souls into, no matter what their reasoning may be.

You don’t need a justifiable reason to pick your favourite team, simply go with your gut and enjoy the game.