The great thing about soccer is that it isn’t just the most popular sport for fans to watch, football also happens to be the UK’s most bet on sport. You will find that on most UK betting sites such as Sky Bet, BetVictor, Bet 365, 888Sport, Unibet Euro 2021 and others, football is the game that demands the most attention and features massive potential winnings.

While there are many betting options available to gamers worldwide, it all depends on your level of expertise and/or experience in gaming, particularly football betting. If you’re a newbie who is looking for a simple strategy to start winning right away, these are the two of the easiest strategies to get you kick off today. Remember; you are allowed to place a bet on any of the options given before the game starts, but your betting options can pertain to the outcome of the full game or at half-time.


With this betting option, the gamer places his bets based on how many goals he predicts his team will make. There is a range of variations of this bet which can be placed. For example, you may place a bet on the total amount of goals that will be scored, whether it will be an even total or an odd total, which player on the team will score the goal, and many other variants. The bet variation that is most popular is the over/under bet. With this wager, you predict whether the number of goals scored will be over or above a given value.

Betting 1 x 2

This bet is where you place a wager on the team which you think will match (or you may even predict a draw). You can additionally bet on a ‘double chance,’ which is when you bet on both the teams.It is a safer bet but doesn’t pay out the big wins.